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7 Steps To Dental Health:
A Holistic Guide for
Your Mouth & Body

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Life Transformation Institute is a collaborative group of kindred spirits that empowers life by sharing our cumulative knowledge and wisdom. We will focus on the body/mind/ soul entity and raising awareness.
We host educational events and publish articles and books.

As a publisher we can provide you with an ISBN and print your books at trade prices in Canada, no publishing fees required.

"Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself"

We spend our lifetime taking care of others; and in the process, we neglect to look after ourselves. If this message resonates with you, then join us in a sojourn to take charge of yourself - through self-management of your mind, body and spirit .

We have created this website listing books, useful resources, health tips and glossaries.

Report & Photos of previous meetings
Photos of previous events are also posted on the facebook

How to Join
You can participate in many ways:

  • Friend: You are encouraged to join (there is no fee to be a “friend”) on our Facebook group and post your profile with photo and meet other members at
  • Advisory Panel: Join leaders in the heath and transformation space, review the directory
  • Speaker: If you have any thing to share and present at our meeting, then join our growing list of speakers
  • Sponsoring Member: Support our group by becoming a Life Member. RSVP Details
  • Volunteer: If you like what we do, then please consider volunteering. Details

How to Sponsor & Support us
Sponsoring of an event provide many promotional opportunities for your business and organization. Review the Value Proposition.

Future Plans
1. Establish a library of resources.
2. Establish a wellness retreat

Contact Founder: Max Haroon, send an email or phone: 416-891-4937

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